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762x25mm Abrasive Sanding Belts 1x30" for Wood Metal Stainless Steel Grinding Polishing

762x25mm Abrasive Sanding Belts 1x30" for Wood Metal Stainless Steel Grinding Polishing

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Size: 762x25mm / 30x1"

Joint type: Butt joint

A/O Applications:  ( P40, P60, P80, P120, P180, P240, P320, P400, P600, P800 )


Used for spot welding parts grinding, flash removal, removal of coating operation;

Suitable for ironworking, woodworking, tyre surface treatment, shipbuilding industry, mold industry, shoes industry etc. all kinds of material grinding and deburring;

Can be used for non-ferrous metals, steel, copper, aluminum, stainless steel, wood, leather, fabric, glass, rubber ware grinding, polishing and concave surface treatment.

Ceramic Applications: ( P36 P60 P80 P120 -- made byVSM XK850X)

Apply to hardware tools, aerospace parts, medical equipment, tank equipment, metal products, etc.
It is especially suitable for heavy grinding of carbon steel, high hardness alloy steel, forged steel and cast iron, stainless steel pipes of various sizes.

3M Trizact :

A3 -- P5000
A5 -- P3000
A6 -- P2000
A16 -- P1200~1500
A30 -- P600 ~ 800
A65 -- P320
For all metal uses, specifically to process the stainless steel !

Wool Felt:

Special for Stainless steel pipe mirror polish.

Dry Sanding Belt:

Soft S/C cloth backing, anti-clogging, ideal for wood, aluminum, stainless steel etc.
P1000 P1200 P1500 is special for fine polishing.

3M Non-woven nylon abrasive cloth:

Brown non-woven abrasive belt: 150# for stainless steel wire drawing
Red non-woven abrasive belt: 240# for aluminum alloy wire drawing
Blue non-woven abrasive belt: 400# for plastic product wire drawing
Grey non-woven abrasive belt: 600# for plastic product wire drawing

Zirconia Applications: ( P36 P60 P80 P120 -- made by 3M 577F )

Non alloy steel: common structure steel, free cutting steel, heat treated steel, carbon tool steel etc.
Alloy steel: gate steel, heat-resistant steel and alloy steel, non magnetized steel, stainless steel(chromium, nickel chromium steel), corrosion-acid-hot resistant steel etc.
Non-ferrous metals: aluminum, copper, zinc, nickel, tin lead alloy
Wood: cork, hard wood, resin wood, HDF, MDF, OSB, wood chip, plywood
Other materials: acrylic glass, glass, rubber, synthetic materials, leather, porcelain, stone

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