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6" 8" 10" 12" 14" x 2" Solid Rubber Contact Wheel Belt Grinder Replacement Parts

6" 8" 10" 12" 14" x 2" Solid Rubber Contact Wheel Belt Grinder Replacement Parts

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6" 8" 10" 12" 14" x 2" Solid Rubber Contact Wheel Belt Grinder Replacement Parts

  • Options for Inner Hole:
  1. ID 25/32mm --- 25mm/32mm through hole used on engine shaft or grinder axle.
  2. For 6202 bearings ---- 35mm inner hole with circlips ( Bearings not included )
  3. 6202-1/2 installed 12.7mm ---- Wheel installed by bearings 6202 with 1/2" inner hole ( bearings OD35*ID12.7*TH11mm )
  4. 6202-15 installed 15mm ---- Wheel installed by bearings 6202 with 15mm inner hole (bearings OD35*ID15*TH11mm) 
  5. 6202-5/8 installed 15.875mm ---- Wheel installed by bearings 6202 with 5/8" inner hole (bearings OD35*ID15*TH11mm) 
  6. 6201 installed 12mm --- Wheel installed by bearings 6201 with 12mm inner hole (bearings OD32*ID12*TH10mm) 
  7. 6004 installed 20mm --- Wheel installed by bearings 6004 with 20mm inner hole (bearings OD32*ID12*TH10mm) 
  • Product Mix:  Strong hard wearing rubber, Aluminum wheel core  

  • Size:  150/200/250/300/350mm(OD) * 50mm(H)

  • Hardness:  Medium 65A ( Hardness can be customized, 35-95A durometer )

  • Feature:
  1. Made by Strong hard wearing rubber, working with sanding belt #36-1000 for coarse grinding and fine polishing
  2. Glued excellent, with long service life
  3. Low noise, without vibration, safe operation environment
      • Application:
      1. Rams Bralin Contact Wheel offers a full line of Contact Wheels to meet your specific grinding and finishing needs. We fabricate our Contact Wheels to high standards of quality and accuracy. Our rubber Elastomers are designed to provide long life and dependable service! 
      2. New Contact Wheels are commonly available from 2" to 14" in diameter. Face widths are from 1" to 6", plain or serrated. Durometers range from 35A, for polishing and light sanding, to 90A, for more aggressive metal removal. All of our Contact Wheels are balanced before leaving our factory. We can also custom design and fabricate Contact Wheels to your specifications, tailored to work with your unique application. 
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