What Exactly Does the Hardness of Rubber Wheels Affect

What Exactly Does the Hardness of Rubber Wheels Affect

I. The Significance of Rubber Wheel Hardness

The hardness of rubber wheels refers to the degree of deformation of the elastomer under pressure, which is usually measured by a certain specification of hardness tester, with Shore A as the common unit. The hardness does not represent the softness or hardness of the rubber wheel, but rather a measurement of its properties.

II. Impact of Rubber Wheel Hardness on Performance

Changes in the hardness of rubber wheels will affect the performance of the tires. Even with the same materials and processes, different hardness levels can lead to different product performance. Tires with higher hardness usually have the following characteristics:

Better compression resistance, able to bear greater weights;
Better wear resistance, longer service life;
More rigid, providing better maneuverability.
In contrast, tires with lower hardness have the following characteristics:

More flexible, providing better shock absorption and traction;
More suitable for bumpy roads and high-speed driving;
Higher friction coefficient, more wear-resistant.
Therefore, in terms of performance, hardness does not represent the degree of softness or hardness, but rather affects the mechanical properties, wear resistance, friction coefficient, and other aspects of rubber tires.

III. Applicable Scenarios for Different Hardness Levels of Tires

Tires with higher hardness are suitable for scenarios requiring heavy loads and high-speed maneuverability, such as cranes, heavy-duty trucks, and airport buses. Tires with lower hardness are more suitable for scenarios requiring shock absorption, low noise, and preference for small vehicles, such as luxury cars, off-road vehicles, golf carts, and electric vehicles.

IV. Conclusion and Suggestions

From the above analysis, it can be seen that the hardness of rubber wheels is closely related to the performance of the tires, and must be selected based on the actual use scenario. When purchasing rubber tires, one should not only focus on the hardness, but also consider the overall performance of the product and its applicability to various usage requirements.

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