Six Operational Standards for Sand Belt Machines

Safe Operation of Sand Belt Machines:
  • 1. Before starting the sanding belt machine, first check whether the wheel disc and belt cover are complete and secure, and whether the sandpaper is damaged. Only after inspection can it be started, and it should only be used when the speed has stabilized.
  • 2. When grinding, the workpiece should be held securely, and workers should stand to the side of the equipment, avoiding the rotating face of the sand belt as much as possible.
  • 3. During grinding, the workpiece should be firmly clamped and slowly brought into contact with the sandpaper. The speed should not be too fast or the force too intense; it should be ground evenly.
  • 4. Sandpaper should be securely installed, and objects being ground must be clamped with pliers; direct hand grinding is not allowed.
  • 5. Do not work on discs with significant vibrations.
  • 6. After using the sanding machine, immediately turn off the power.
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